Services & Practice Areas

We offer a wide range of services to individuals, non-profits and business clients. Because we are a boutique practice, our clients benefit by getting personalized service at a price that makes sense in the over-all business deal. We work with clients to make deals happen.

Our Services and Practice Areas include:

  • BUSINESS SALES - We help buyers and sellers structure, negotiate and close the sale of a business, whether buy a sale of assets or equity interest.

  • CORPORATE FINANCE - We help businesses negotiate and document revolving lines of credit, secured corporate financing and other common business lending transactions. 

  • ENTITY FORMATION - We help our clients create new partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations, advising our clients on the form of entity best-suited for their needs and/or transaction.

  • JOINT VENTURES - We help individual business owners and businesses create joint venture structures for operating businesses and other types of commercial ventures.

  • COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS - Directly, or through our resource partners, we help our clients negotiate and document a variety of business transactions including labor agreements, non-disclosure agreements, indemnities, licenses and many other commercial transactions.
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