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Hidden Real Estate Traps

Considering the potential liability and delays in closing that can arise if the real estate component of the transaction is not properly handled, companies would be wise to work with experienced real estate attorneys to avoid these hidden issues.

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Your Leasing Team: More Corporate Counsel Solutions 

The Right Team for the Job 

Corporate Counsel can efficiently and cost-effectively delegate their commercial real estate transactions to outside counsel. This article touches on key-points of the corporate leasing process and the dynamics that corporate tenants face.

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 Defense Contractors & Leasing Issues

Your Best Defense. 

Defense contractors often lease space because of a focused business decision - a contract award or similar market-driven event.  Whether it's office space, a warehouse or factory, defense contractors have special requirements and are best served by an experienced team of skilled brokers and real estate attorneys aware of their needs and expectations.

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Medical Office Leasing Issues

Sometimes you need a Specialist.   

Your medical practice is different from a typical business office. So it follows that your lease should be different than a typical office space lease as well. Many potential pitfalls can be avoided with proper planning and the help of experienced professionals.

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Blast:  The Leasing Process

Reduce expenses and save time.

How office and retail tenants can save time and money in the leasing process.

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Sandwich Shop Leasing 

Retail leasing issues for sandwich shops.

Sandwich shop operators need to think about these issues.

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Managing Construction Risks

Strategies to avoid the Unexpected.

Tenant improvements and alterations carry several inherent risks.

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Key issues in Franchise Leasing

Franchise Leasing Issues.

Landlords and Tenants each face unique issues when a franchise is involved in the retail leasing process.

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Spotlight on Lending Issues:  Use of Insurance Proceeds

Insurance Proceeds and Restoration.

Here are some key issues to think about when negotiating the insurance and restoration provisions of your loan agreement.

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Joint Ventures

Sometime it takes Two (or more) to Tango.

Joint venture agreements for real estate projects and other shared ventures deal with a host of unique issues.

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Leasing Concessions - State of the Market Update

How are Landlords attracting Tenants these days?

See what concession packages have been recently offered.

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Focus on Sellers

Key Purchase Agreement issues.

Even in a "buyer's market" a seller is well served to consider these issues.

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Subordination Non-Disturbance Agreements: SNDAs

Disturbing issues abound when negotiating these agreements.

When a tenant, landlord or lender must negotiate an SNDA, there are several key issues to consider.

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Tiny Anchors

Sometimes small tenants can have BIG issues.

A national retail tenant leasing less than 5,000 square feet must still address many issues a landlord does not face when negotiating the typical small-shop retail lease.

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Charter Schools: Leasing from the District of Columbia  

Strategies for Charter School Leases.

Roberta Colton provides a good education on the details of DC's program to lease surplus buildings to Charter Schools.

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Small Tenant Lease Negotiations

Negotiating Strategies for Startups, small tenants
and non-profits.

Startups, small tenants and non-profits can successfully negotiate several key leasing issues that materially improves the terms of their office space leases.

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Professional Tenants & Retail Space

Professional Tenants - One Lease does not Fit All.

Professional tenants in a retail project are advised to pay particular attention to certain lease provisions typically found in retail lease forms but often times not applicable to a professional user.

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Retail Lease Issues - Cotenancy Clauses

Cotenancy Complexity.

Landlords and tenants negotiating a cotenancy clause should consider several important factors before finalizing the terms of their cotenancy provision.

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Leasing Exit Strategies

How to Say Goodbye.

For financial or operational reasons, a tenant may find itself having excess space, or looking to reduce or get out of existing lease obligations. This article explores several options a tenant facing this situation may consider examining.

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Renewing the Right Way

Renewing the Right Way.

When tenants contemplate renewing an existing lease, there are several key points to consider.

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Restaurant Leasing

Restaurant Leasing - A Menu of Issues.

Restaurant and food service leasing is one of the most complex forms of retail leasing, involving many operational, financial and construction issues.  Here's some food for thought.

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Franchise Leasing

A Franchisor's Hidden Assets.

Although itís not on the franchisorís balance sheet, a franchiseeís store lease can be one of the franchisorís most valuable assets, and a source of liability if not properly handled. Franchisees often lack the resources to negotiate the best lease deal as a tenant, and if the franchisor ever exercises its takeover right, it may find itself stuck with a poorly negotiated lease that does not give the franchisor the rights and options it needs.

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Non-Profit Leasing Issues

Non-Profit Advantages.

Non-Profits have unique leasing issues that should be taken into consideration when leasing office space.  This article discusses several issues that might face a non-profit tenant may consider examining.

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So you say you're Subleasing.

In this economy, office tenants with excess space frequently consider subleasing as a way to bring in revenue and cut their expenses. Likewise, businesses who need space consider subleasing to get more flexibility on their rental rate and other leasing terms. This article discusses many of the common considerations that both parties (the sublandlord and subtenant) may face.

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Retail Leasing

The Occasional Retailer.

Many office buildings have some retail tenants, typically on the ground floor. Whether it's a small newspaper stand or a full-service restaurant, retail leases present many unique issues. For the building owner, or landlord that occasionally deals with retail tenants, this article discusses many of the issues not found in standard office leases.

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